Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball Training Session
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What is wheelchair basketball?

Wheelchair basketball is an internationally played sport that that inherits the majority of its rules from basketball. There are many international competitions and it is also played at the Paralympic Games. The majority of the people who play have varying physical disabilities.

What is wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair basketball at CIL and in Nepal

Wheelchair basketball has been played in Nepal for a number of years. It is supported and played by a number of disabled persons organisations across Nepal, including CIL, as well as the Nepali Army. There are also regular competitions between the various teams across Nepal.

It is a great way for people to have fun and keep fit. It also helps raise awareness of people with disabilities in the community.

CIL currently has its own team made up from a number of its staff, members as well as other people with disabilities. CIL personal attendants are also involved in training players and refereeing games.


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ILS holds regular training sessions and games near its office. All members of the public are welcome to come and watch.

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