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Helping ILS

CIL is a non profit organisation that is entirely reliant on financial and voluntary donations from private and public organisations and individuals. The more support we can receive the stronger and wider we can support and campaign for our independent living principles and programs.

How can you help?

There are a number of ways that you can support CIL.

Donate your time

If you are able to:

  • help us run events or training sessions
  • provide any kind specialist training to us, our members or people we support
  • have any other ideas on how you could help us

then please contact us to discuss how you can help.

Donate some money

Any financial assistance will support us and our programs. If you would like to give a financial or other donation then contact us for the best way of doing so.

Donate your voice - Advocate for our principles

Providing financial assistance or volunteering with us is not the only way to support us. If you believe in what we believe then you can advocate for these principles whenever you see an opportunity to do so.

If someone is building a business that is not accessible; if someone is being denied an education because of a disability; if someone is being discriminated against because of a disability; if you see or hear anything else that is restricting someones rights, then you can speak up and promote the principles of independent living.

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